The New Chassis

Hopefully, if I manage to sit down long enough today, I’ll be making two posts. This one (The easier one) is about the chassis and the next one will be on the PWM modules on the Beaglebone. Something for everyone, eh?

So far, I’ve gone through three different chassis. The first was a wooden one and didn’t work so well due to the weight (This was more than a year back). The second, I got it fabricated by a good friend of mine named Manish. Here is a picture of it in all it’s galore!

Aluminium Chassis

Aluminium Chassis

This was made of aluminium with separate mounts for each for the four motors. The mounts for the battery and board still needed to be done. It was really light and felt well made. The problem was that it got slightly damaged during transport along with the motors too (The wires coming out of two of the motors broke off). It never got to see the light of day…

The lesson. Carry your BLDC motors on flights very very carefully! So when I placed an order for 4 new motors (Cause the old one was out of stock), I saw a really nice chassis with proper mounts for just 1,000 INR so I decided to purchase it. It looks really good. We’ll just have to see how it flies. Here’s a nice picture of it:

Nex Chassis

Nex Chassis

I bought all these from Nex robotics. Here is their link:
I guess it would mainly be useful for Indian customers.

Now, the next thing to do is test out the BLDC motors after hooking it up to the ESC’s which need a PWM input from the microcontroller. The only thing I’m nervous about is if a 3.3V input would do (because that is what the Beaglebone provides and if the load pulls too much current, it might be a problem). I would mostly probably use a transistor interface just to be safe.



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