Android on the Bone

I’ve loaded up Gingerbread on the Beaglebone before and a blog entry can be found in my other blog. While the Androd shell is just as fast as other distributions for the Beaglebone, the GUI which can be accessed seemed too slow for it to be usable for me. I tried Ice Cream Sandwich today and the same lagginess prevailed. The DEMO images can be obtained from this site:

A very good wiki/how-to can be found at:

The lag could be attributed to one of two things. The first being the fact that I’m running Android off of a class 2 SD card which limits the card speed. The second is the fact that I was accessing the GUI through a VNC server. I think it’s mostly the second which is causing the lag because there are plenty of videos demonstrating the Beaglebone with LCD touchscreens and they seem perfectly stable while other demo videos using VNC are just as laggy as what I observed.

The DVI cape can be purchased separately for the Beaglebone and used to connect the Bone to a monitor. I believe that this should be fairly fast as well. For now, I will be sticking with Angstrom and try to interface using the I2C protocol. I have found some similar articles for the BeagleBoard xM. The problem that I believe that I may face would be different voltage levels. I need to look into this.

One thing to note about the Android demo images are that TI claims that the builds have “pre-integrated SGX (3D graphics accelerator) drivers”. This definitely is something to look into when developing graphics solutions.


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