An Intro

The main aim of this blog is to document to making of a quadrotor and to get feedback from other people.

The first quadrotor that I made along with a friend was on the heavy side (Having made it out of wood). It was controlled by an atmega32 with BLDC motors and drivers and wings purchased from Nex Robotics. The accelerometer and the gyroscope were also purchased from Nex Robotics. The main issue that we ran into was that the body was too heavy.

This time, with the help of another friend, the chassis has been made much lighter using an aluminium frame. I will be using the same motors and drivers but the gyroscope and accelerometer have been changed. In fact, on two modules, we have a gyroscope, an accelerometer and an magnetometer, each having 3 axes. This should provide much better control and give us better stability.

I plan on using the Beaglebone as the controller with some sort of wireless module, most likely a Xbee Pro. The Beaglebone runs embedded Linux and is much more powerful than atmega processors (I include arduino boards in this) as it runs at 700Mhz when powered by a power source or at 500Mhz when powered by USB. The Beaglebone is a Beagleboard aimed at hardware projects. It has ARM Cortex A8.

The sensor modules work or I2C or SPI and the Beaglebone includes natural support for these two protocols and also provides PWM pins. The next thing that I will be doing is to interface the sensor boards with the Beaglebone.


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I am a final year student pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering at IIT Guwahati. I am currently on semester break. View all posts by ajaykumarkannan

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